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1 Set Temporary tattoos Set of 63 pieces

1 Set Temporary tattoos Set of 63 pieces

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Specification: 100% Brand New & High Quality.

Type: Water Tattoo Cream for Body Paint.

Content grid: 10ml x Black.

Easy operation: Many colors are available. Better than General liquid tattoo.

No burning pain, change the texture as you like.

This product needs to be used with a tattoo template.

Natural oxidation of water to form a tattoo, natural effect, long-term use. time can reach 10-15 days.

Water Tattoo, made from natural fruit juice, harmless to human body, not edible.

1 set = 1 X 10ml Black Ink + 63Pcs tattoo stencils + 10 Cotton swabs + 1 Pair Disposable gloves + 1 Wipes.

1. Carefully clean the area you need a tattoo and dry.

2. Remove the tattoo and paste where you like.

3. Gently press with your hand to ensure a good fit.

4. Please put on gloves first and apply the tattoo cream evenly on

exposed Skin. It is necessary to apply the thickness of a coin for

the Coloring effect as well.

5. You can use cotton to help apply the cream tattoo.

6. Wait for 40 minutes or so, wait until the paste is dry, do not touch the process, or it will appear blooming.

7. After drying, you can tear off the template, and the excess paste needs to be clamped with tweezers.

8. Wait for another 3-4 hours, and the tattoo will appear in the tattoo part, and the pattern will become more and more clear.


1. Do not touch the tattoo with your hand.

2. For people with sensitivities or sensitive skin, a small amount of testing is needed to determine that they are hypoallergenic and in use.


1 Set Temporary tattoos Set of 63 pieces

You save $20.64 (48%)
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